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OIO Publisher is a plugin to manage all your banner ads, paid links, paid reviews and much more. It can display the ads on one website, or on multiple Websites. OIO Publisher can be installed as a plugin within WordPress itself or alternatively it can be installed as a standalone application (….useful for use on other types of website platform such as HTML sites, or if you have a mixture of CMS types in your website portfolio), so it is probably the most flexible banner ad plugin available today.

Coupon Code: MIST-BIS72011

Discount: $10 off normal price

Normal price is $49 – this gives you unlimited use of the plugin (install & use on as many websites as you own) and also lifetime of updates.

We use OIO Publisher to manage banner ads on over 15+ of our websites. Whilst it did take a little longer to set up (…due to the plugins greater flexibility, power and control), it’s well worth it – once set up, changing a banner on multiple websites now takes only seconds. The gains in time saved since installing OIO have been massive. If you wish to sell your advertising space then the plugin will also manage that (….there is also a “OIO Publisher Marketplace” website where you can promote and sell your banner ad spaces, too…) or you could use it to just display Google and affiliate type ads. Plugin documentation is excellent and whilst I haven’t needed any, the support appears to be excellent too. We have been very happy with our purchase of this product (we became affiliates after purchasing the plugin).

Regards, Admin

PS: Please consider using our affiliate link to purchase OIO Publisher – our affiliate commissions help to contribute to the upkeep of this site 🙂

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